Ron Neale To Share Posts

The Memory Guy is pleased to begin publishing posts from Ron Neale.  Ron is a specialist in phase-change memory (PCM or PRAM) who has been contributing a lot of analysis of this technology in EE Times. Ron’s career has centered around phase-change memory.  He was the lead author for the groundbreaking 1970 PCM article in … Continue reading “Ron Neale To Share Posts”

CeRAM Moves Front and Center on the NV Memory Stage

In this post contributor Ron Neale shares a close look at the new memory announced today by Arm spin-off Cerfe Labs.  He provides insight into the operation and composition of this technology which originated at Symetrix, a company that has previously developed FRAM technologies licensed to major semiconductor and capacitor manufacturers.   While many companies … Continue reading “CeRAM Moves Front and Center on the NV Memory Stage”

Weebit Moves Ahead Step-By-Step

In the world of startups it’s unusual to see one that disciplines itself to a steady cadence of consistent execution.   Countless times The Memory Guy blog has profiled companies that perform some important feat, and then fail to repeat that success.  With that background it’s refreshing to see a company that methodically moves in a … Continue reading “Weebit Moves Ahead Step-By-Step”

World Record ReRAM and More

Ron Neale joins us to look at a new World Record for Oxide-ReRAMs.  Here he explores the possibility that, rather than an analogue-like device with a continuum of conduction states, the resolution limit of conductance stems from discrete building blocks or nano-filaments that define the changes between those states.  A dichotomy of views on oxide … Continue reading “World Record ReRAM and More”

In Memoriam: Gordon Moore

Today Gordon Moore, a figurehead in the semiconductor industry, passed away at 94 years of age.  He will be sorely missed by the semiconductor industry. Moore, the namesake of Moore’s Law, cofounded both Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel Corporation.  He was an unassuming genius and visionary who, as a part of Intel’s leadership triumvirate in the … Continue reading “In Memoriam: Gordon Moore”

A Very Revealing ULTRARAM Update

Contributor Ron Neale returns to The Memory Guy blog with a deeper analysis of the University of Lancaster’s ULTRARAM, which was first announced relatively recently, in early 2020.  This post includes his revealing interchange with the university’s Professor Manus Hayne, a key member of the ULTRARAM program, in which the professor indicates that GaAs ICs … Continue reading “A Very Revealing ULTRARAM Update”

The Future of Chalcogenide Switching

In this post in The Memory Guy blog, the first of a 2-part series, Ron Neale returns to explore the present state-of-play for chalcogenide-based switching and memory, with a plea for continuation of research.  Along the way he invokes a three-point law for determining the probability of success for would be emerging memory entrepreneurs. Does … Continue reading “The Future of Chalcogenide Switching”

ReRAMs find a Neuromorphic Role in Owl-Inspired Object Location

In his latest post on The Memory Guy, contributor Ron Neale reviews a novel use for ReRAM cells in which a neural processing system mimics the direction-finding mechanism of a barn owl’s ears.  This is based on research performed by CEA-Leti in France, which was recently published in the journal Nature. The potential for the … Continue reading “ReRAMs find a Neuromorphic Role in Owl-Inspired Object Location”

CeRAM: Some Significant New Insights

In this post contributor Ron Neale takes a very deep look into a new paper published by Symetrix,  Cerfe Labs  and university researchers which provides fresh insights to the inner workings of CeRAM (Correlated electron RAM), an innovative class of non-volatile memory, where carbon doping of nickel oxide NiO leads to a new type of … Continue reading “CeRAM: Some Significant New Insights”

Video: The Inner Workings of SiO ReRAM

This post shares a new and entertaining animation by Charlotte Streeter that offers one interpretation of the inner workings of one type of SiO-based nonvolatile memory like those described in Ron Neale’s most recent post on The Memory Guy. The video links the observed electrical characteristics to the structural