Amazing 3D NAND Video

Carl Zeiss 3D NAND SEM videoChip reverse-engineering consultant Dick James pointed The Memory Guy to an absolutely amazing 25-second video of a 3D NAND chip.  The video’s made by the Carl Zeiss company.  It’s the second one from the top on this page:

The video zooms around a portion of a 3D NAND die as layers are etched away and then restored.  Only the tungsten parts of the chip are shown, with the rest appearing to be empty space.  This serves to clarify it a good bit.  Dick James says that this makes it the equivalent of a 3D x-ray tomograph.

It’s a promotional piece for a Zeiss tool called the “Crossbeam FIB-SEM” that can both image and mill a chip.

Now I doubt that most Memory Guy readers would have a need for this tool, nor be able to afford something which is doubtlessly very expensive, but I am sure that anyone would admire what  it can do.  I certainly find it to be impressive!

Naturally, Dick James was able to identify the chip just by looking at it.  He says that it’s Samsung’s 32-layer part.

2 thoughts on “Amazing 3D NAND Video”

  1. OT // I can’t get the reports mailed to me :

    techinsights has analysed Toshiba’s and Samsung’s 64-Layer NAND chips after the Intel/Micron part.

    I have two quations: What is Samsungs density for that 256 Gbit die and is Toshiba using string-stacking?


    1. Moe,

      I am not sure who else is currently using string stacking. Perhaps you should reach out to Techinsights and see if they will share that with you.

      Thanks for the comment,


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