Welcome to The Memory Guy – A Blog about Memory Chips

Three Memory ChipsWelcome to “The Memory Guy” the Objective Analysis blog about the world of semiconductor memory chips.

Our goal is to discuss all memory chips, both big and small, that are so prevalent in our electronic accessories.  We hope to do that while keeping things brief, light, understandable, and entertaining.  Technologies we’ll cover include DRAM, NAND flash, SRAM, NOR flash, EPROM, EEPROM, mask ROM, and all other forms of memory.

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Top Ten Trends for NAND Flash

Flash Memory SummitDuring the Flash Memory Summit in August three panelists were asked to tell what they thought would be the top ten trends for NAND flash in 2012.

The panelists were:

  • Troy Winslow, director of product and channel marketing for the Intel NAND group
  • Radoslav Danilak, SandForce founder and now CEO of StorCloud
  • Me

Here are mine:

  1. Enterprise SSDs will be used in all data centers
  2. There is still a lot of growth in NAND
  3. Controllers will get more sophisticated
  4. System software will be designed for NAND first
  5. Tablet PCs will morph into newer devices
  6. Not everyone can be a successful SSD supplier
  7. NOR has a long future in code storage
  8. NAND in PCs is a threat to DRAM, not HDDs
  9. The death of flash is not imminent
  10. SSDs in PCs will lose out to NAND + HDD

Over ten future posts I will elaborate on these.  As I do I will add hot links to the list above to guide readers to these predictions.  If any of the hot links are inactive, come back later and check again.

Many are detailed in reports on the Objective Analysis Reports page.