Five New Briefs: YMTC, SK hynix, Intel, and a Forecast

Five briefs on top of each otherAs we have been doing since mid-January, we introduce another five of our Objective Analysis Briefs this week, bringing the total this year to 35.

This week’s release covers three companies, YMTC, SK hynix, and Intel, and one explains the process we used in 2020 to create our 2021 forecast, with and without a pandemic-driven financial collapse.  One of our Briefs even covers the SK hynix acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash business – one brief, two companies.  Details appear below.

For those just learning of our 2022 campaign, these Briefs are the most interesting and timeless of the Insights that we have published on membership website Smartkarma.  We are selling them for the first time on the Objective Analysis website for a reasonable price where they can be purchased with a charge card for immediate download.

The Objective Analysis Brief is a white paper used to make a succinct statement about market positions, current events, economic outlook, or a company’s or product’s positioning.

These new five Briefs bring us to thirty five of the forty-plus briefs that we originally had in the queue.  We will continue to release five a week until that queue is empty.

Today we are making the following Briefs available:

These five Briefs range from two to three pages in length, using figures and charts to simplify any abstract concepts.

Click the hot links above to review this week’s releases, or read ahead on the page these links point you to if you ant to see the “Coming Soon” titles.  Come back in a week to see the next five!

Five briefs on top of each other