History of Memory Slideshow in EE Times

EE TimesEE Times has published a very interesting slideshow called: A Brief History of Memory by Kristin Lewotsky.  This is recommended reading for all who peruse of The Memory Guy blog.  Even the comments are good reading, with one commenter sharing a history of ferroelectrics that dates back to the 1950s.

It’s interesting to see the similarities between the memories of yesteryear and those of today:

  • The Selectron tube stored charge in an insulating layer the way that charge trap flash does
  • Core memories used a destructive read mechanism similar to that of ferroelectric memories (FRAMs or FeRAMs)
  • The Williams-Kilburn tube appears to have stored charges in small capacitors like a DRAM (although I could be wrong about this one)

The slideshow is a fun “Walk down Memory Lane.”  Have a look.


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