Honoring Lane Mason

Lane Mason portraitI’m sad to announce Lane Mason’s passing.

Lane was a co-worker both at Objective Analysis and earlier on at Dataquest.  But he was not just a co-worker — he was also a good friend.

Many of the Memory Guy’s readers will remember Lane best for the Memcon conference that he led while at Denali Software, prior to its acquisition by Cadence Design Automation.  This conference, which was held in other world venues beyond its usual one in Santa Clara, was for a time the leading conference covering memory chips.  Lane had a knack for pulling together leaders in the industry and for bringing together panels in which he would quickly get to the bottom of key issues.  He also was an extraordinarily careful analyst, ferreting out statistics and company information that others would overlook.  His attention to detail made it hard for industry players to hide the truth from him.

Lane had a unique blend of great intelligence and a warm personality.  He got his physics degree from CalTech, a school most of us could only dream of getting into, yet, unlike many brilliant scientists and technologists, anyone could talk to him about almost any topic in a warm and friendly conversation.

The co-workers that I have already contacted have universally shared their fondness for Lane, and all deeply regret his passing.

A celebration of life is being planned by his daughters this July in Palo Alto.  If you knew Lane and would like to receive more information about the event, please contact me using the information at the top right of this page.


4 thoughts on “Honoring Lane Mason”

  1. I have fond memories of those Memcon events. Great content! Lane will be missed.

    1. Nathan,

      Both you and Lane held a special place in Dataquest clients’ hearts and minds because both of you showed the world what it meant to be a spectacular analyst.

      Thanks for your memories,


  2. I worked with Lane for years when he was at Dataquest, trying to flesh out the memory markets, and I was at AMI making memories and embedded memories.
    Please keep me updated on the Palo Alto event.

    1. Stuart,

      Good to hear from someone from Lane’s first stint at Dataquest. Those were formative years for Dataquest and for Lane.

      Thanks for your comment.


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