Memsys: A New Memory Conference

1999 White HouseSince I am the Memory Guy I hate learning that I missed something new and cool in the world of memories, but somehow I was unaware of last week’s Memsys conference in Washington DC until a participant notified me on Saturday that his paper: “Reverse Engineering of DRAMs: Row Hammer with Crosshair,” had been given the the best paper award.

Upon looking at the Memsys website it looks like a very intriguing academic conference.  about sixty papers were presented in eight interesting sessions:

  • Issues in High Performance Computing
  • Nonvolatile Main Memories and DRAM Caches, Parts I & II
  • Hybrid Memory Cube and Alternative DRAM Channels
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Improving the DRAM Device Architecture
  • Issues and Interconnects for 2.5D and 3D Packaging
  • Some Amazingly Cool Physical Experiments

in addition to a few apparently-fascinating keynotes.

Fortunately, all of the papers are downloadable from the Memsys website.  Go to the Program Page for hotlinks to their PDFs.  Neither the presenters’ slides nor those of the keynotes are available.  It looks like I missed out by not attending.

I’ll certainly will be on the lookout for next year’s Memsys conference!

2 thoughts on “Memsys: A New Memory Conference”

  1. This is good staff, but I just find they update their website to memsys 2017. Can you share with us about the paper you mentioned in article.

    1. I’m afraid I didn’t keep the downloaded copy. I see that it can be purchased from the IEEE though.


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