More New “Brief” White Papers Published This Week

Five briefs on top of each otherAs we have every week since January, this week Objective Analysis published another handful of our white papers, which we call “Objective Analysis Briefs”.

This week’s set covers a very diverse range, from the dissolution of a joint venture, through semiconductor cycles and business strategy, to process technology.  There’s something for everybody!

If you’re new to the Objective Analysis “Brief” format , it is a very short, aggressively-priced white paper that contains a succinct statement about market positions, current events, economic outlook, or a company’s or product’s positioning.  They can be purchased online, using a charge card, for immediate download.

The Briefs that we have published in 2022 have been the most interesting and timeless of the Insights that we originally published on an investor membership website Smartkarma.  We are now making them available to a broader audience.

Today we present the following new Briefs:

  • Micron Kills 3D XPoint – Is Intel in Trouble?
    • In 2021 Micron discontinued its 3D XPoint memory efforts and sold the fab to produce it.  This Brief investigates the impact of this move on Intel.
  • After the Collapse: Semiconductors Enter the Next Phase
    • This Objective Analysis Brief, written in 2019, compares the industry’s status at that time to a typical downturn.  3Q19 prices had nearly reached cost, moving producers into to the cycle’s next phase.
  • Seagate’s Downhill Ride
    • Two leading HDD makers survive: Seagate and WDC.  WDC embraced SSDs, while Seagate barely participates.  This Brief compares results of these strategies.
  • Does DRAM Need EUV?
    • This Brief explains why Samsung is already using EUV for today’s DRAMs, while SK hynix is only experimenting with it, and Micron will wait until 2024.

The Briefs above range from two to four pages, with figures and charts to simplify any abstract concepts.

Click the hot links above to check them out, and look at the other titles on that page to learn what more we have to offer!

Over the past three months we have published a total of thirty nine new Briefs.  We’ll pause for a bit before issuing more.  Stay tuned!

Five briefs on top of each other