More New Objective Analysis Briefs Available

Five briefs on top of each otherThis week five more Objective Analysis Briefs have just become available.  This handful covers commonly held myths and the basic underpinnings of semiconductor market cycles.  All are drawn from the most interesting and timeless of the Insights that we have published on membership website Smartkarma.  Now Objective Analysis is providing them to our friends for a reasonable price.

The Brief is a very short report format used to make a succinct statement about market positions, current events, economic outlook, or a company’s or product’s positioning.  Although Objective Analysis has published its “Brief” format white papers for some time, this line has not previously received the focus that it deserves.  We’re changing that.

These Briefs can be purchased online for immediate download with a charge card, any time, day or night.

We have over forty in the queue, and plan to release five a week for the next couple of months.  Today we are making the following Briefs available:

  • Are Chip Oligopolies Real?
    • DRAM vendor consolidation has led some to see it as an oligopoly which will automatically stabilize prices and stifle revenue cycles.  This Brief disproves this viewpoint.
  • Inventory Clearance and the Semiconductor Cycle
    • Semiconductor cycles usually involve an inventory clearance stage.  This Brief explains how inventory clearance accelerates a price collapse.
  • Memory Chips and the Elasticity Myth
    • Many in the the DRAM and NAND businesses believe that price elasticity can drive a demand increase.  This Brief uses mathematical analysis of historical market data to disprove this theory.
  • Moore’s Law May Not Be Dead, After All
    • Many have worried for years that Moore’s Law will end.  We show that Moore’s Law is not only on track, but sometimes is even moving faster than before.
  • Why Commodities Drive the Semiconductor Cycle
      • This Brief explains how commodity and non-commodity chips each contribute to chip cycles, and make them straightforward to predict.

The Briefs above range from two to four pages, with figures and charts to simplify any abstract concepts.

Click the hot links above to check them out, and come back in a week to see what more we have to offer!  Of course, you can always read ahead on the page these links point you to, and look at the “Coming Soon” titles, or even purchase a copy of our first brief: Why DRAM Vendors Must Consolidate.

Five briefs on top of each other