My Flash Memory Summit Schedule

Readers have asked when I will be speaking at the Flash Memory Summit. There will be a number of opportunities to see me there.

Before I give details, I should make sure that  anyone who is unfamiliar with the show knows that this is an annual event that has  grown steadily over the past 14 years to become the biggest show of its kind.  It is held in the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, in early August.  This year it will be Tuesday-Thursday, August 6-8, and is preceded by the MRAM Developer Day.

Here are the details of when and where to see me:

  • On Monday evening Tom Coughlin and I will co-present at SNIA’s Solid State Storage Reception in Rooms 209 & 210 of the Convention Center.  We will provide a brief overview of our newly-released report Emerging Memories Ramp Up.  If you haven’t bought a ticket to the Flash Memory Summit yet SNIA offers a $100 discount on show admission at the SNIA website.
  • The first thing Tuesday morning from 8:30-9:35 I will present my annual Flash Market Update (Session FTEC-101A-1) in Ballroom B.
  • At 11:30 on Tuesday I will have the honor of presenting the Flash Memory Summit Lifetime Achievement Award to Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra.  This will be in the Mission City Ballroom, the large hall that is used for the keynotes.
  • Starting at 7:00 Tuesday evening I will be at the China table for the Chat with the Experts beer & pizza event with Sage Micro’s Chris Tsu.  Naturally, I plan to highlight my recent report on China’s Memory Ambitions.
  • On Wednesday morning I will present a market outlook in the session 3D XPoint: Current Implementations and Future Trends (Session NEWM-201-1) which runs from 8:30-10:50 in Great America Ballroom J.  This is on the far side of the convention Center from the hotel, which is sometimes hard to find if you’re new to the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Mine will be one of six presentations, all of which should be really good.  My talk will be excerpted from my recently-updated 3D XPoint report.
  • At 1:00 Wednesday I get to introduce keynoters Michael Kagan of Mellanox and Chris Lamb of nVidia for their interesting keynote, after which I will introduce Thad Omura of ScaleFlux (1:30) who will present that company’s viewpoint of the new Computational Storage model.  All keynotes are in the Mission City Ballroom.
  • Thursday morning at 8:30-9:35 Tom Coughlin and I will join forces again to discuss findings from our Emerging Memories report in Session NEWM-301A-1: Life Beyond Flash – New Non-Volatile Memory Technologies.  This will be held in Ballroom F.  We will be one of five presentations during that session.
  • From 2:10-3:25 Thursday I will participate in Session FTEC-302A-1: The Next Great Breakthrough in Non-Volatile Memory in Ballroom D.  This will be a panel with five speakers from a range of companies.  Naturally, my viewpoint will reflect the findings of Tom Coughlin’s and my Emerging Memory report.
  • Finally, at 3:40 to 5:00 on Thursday six pundits, including me, will gather in Ballroom D to present our viewpoints on the Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Flash Memory Today (Session MRES-302B-1) in Ballroom D.  It’s always a fun way to end the conference.

There you have it.  An exhausting schedule, but one which provides any attendee an opportunity to hear my thoughts.

If you like what you hear then please let me know.  If your company doesn’t already use any services from Objective Analysis we can work to change that to give you the insight that we provide to help move your business to the next level.