New Briefs: Strategy, Policy, & World Events

Five briefs on top of each otherThis week Objective Analysis has introduced five briefs that fall into three categories: Business strategies (Samsung, Kioxia, and Intel), government policy (US against SMIC), and world events (COVID).

In case you’re just learning about the Objective Analysis “Brief” format, the Brief is a short white paper used to make a succinct statement about market positions, current events, economic outlook, or a company’s or product’s positioning.  Briefs can be purchased online with a charge card for instant download.

We are in a process of releasing a line of Briefs that makes available the most interesting and timeless of the Insights that we have published on membership investor website Smartkarma.  We are making these available to the general public at a reasonable price.  The whole series includes over forty titles, which we are releasing at a rate of five every week.

Today we have released the following five Briefs:

  • The Samsung Approach to Growth
    • This Brief reviews how Samsung has come to dominate its markets, showing what has worked and what has not, indicating possible future paths.
  • Kioxia as a Business
    • Kioxia, formerly Toshiba Memory, has impending IPO plans.  This Brief reviews the company’s business and its strengths and weaknesses for investors.
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic and Semiconductors
    • Today’s pandemic has been challenging for some sectors while a boost for others.  This Brief, from late 2020, details COVID’s impact on semiconductors.
  • US Government Puts the Squeeze on SMIC
    • The US Department of Commerce added SMIC to its Entity List.  Read this Brief to learn how this will impact SMIC, China’s chip plans, and US-based tool makers.
  • Intel’s Memory Business Sale. Does It Make Sense?
    • SK hynix has announced that it will acquire Intel’s memory business.  This Brief analyzes this sale to determine its feasibility.

This week’s Briefs range from two to four pages in length, and most use figures and charts to simplify any abstract concepts.

The hot links above allow you to check the whole series out.  In a week we’ll be introducing the next five!  All of the titles are listed on the page these links point you to, so you can read ahead on and look at the “Coming Soon” titles if you like.

Have a look!

Five briefs on top of each other