New Report: Emerging Memories Find Their Direction

A compass dial overlaid on tp of a silicon wafer full of memory chipsThis year emerging memories are getting a taste of the healthy market that lies ahead.  Stand-alone MRAM is being accepted in a broader range of applications, 3D XPoint memory is finally shipping in DIMMs, and embedded MRAM has moved from prototypes into mass production.  All signs point to important growth.

The Memory Guy is pleased to announce that Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates have joined forces to update our study of the emerging memory market in a new report titled Emerging Memories Find Their Direction.

Successful companies in the semiconductor industry need to understand where the emerging memory market is going if they want to take the best advantage of its growth.  This report is your guidebook to implementing an effective emerging memory strategy.

This 201-page study is an extensive update to our popular 2019 report.  With 142 figures and 31 tables it provides a thorough analysis of emerging memory technologies and their interaction with standard memories, both as stand-alone memory chips and in embedded applications (the memories within logic SoCs, like ASICs and MCUs).

Readers will find a wealth of technical information, market dynamics, forecasts, and profiles of nearly 100 companies in this field.  A series of detailed 10-year forecasts illustrates how the markets will grow not only for the memory technologies themselves, but also for the capital equipment used to produce them.

Readers will discover the market drivers for these new technologies, will learn the competitive memory chip landscape, and will understand how to profit from tomorrow’s new memory markets.  This report is an essential tool to navigate tomorrow’s semiconductor markets.

The report can be purchased for immediate download on the Objective Analysis website.  Just visit to learn more.