New Report: Emerging Memories Take Off

Fighter Jets Doing Acrobatic Take-OffThe Memory Guy is pleased to announced the release of a new report by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates: Emerging Memories Take Off.

The report is the 2021 update of our popular 2020 emerging memories report, and includes detailed technology profiles of MRAM, ReRAM, FRAM, PCM/XPoint and other technologies, profiles of over 20o companies that participate in the market, explanations of the market motivators for emerging memories, and ten-year forecasts both for the memory technologies themselves and for the equipment that will be needed to process them.

It’s a key starting point for any company’s strategy for the growing emerging memory market.

What are our findings?  Well here are a few to get you started:

  • The market for both discrete and embedded emerging memory technologies should reach $44 billion in revenues by 2031
  • The bulk of the market is expected to be in SoCs and 3D XPoint memory
  • Growth will come from the displacement of embedded NOR and SRAM in SoCs, and of DRAM in servers
  • Emerging memory processing equipment should grow to 100 times its 2020 total to reach $1.1 billion by 2031

There’s a lot more in the report itself, which consists of 230 pages with 155 figures and 36 tables.  It’s rich with content.

The report can be purchased for immediate download on the Objective Analysis website.

Have a look at the outline at: