Obama Honors SanDisk Co-Founder

Eli Harari Receiving National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Photo Credit: Ryan K Morris and the National Science and Technology Medals FoundationSanDisk co-founder Eli Harari was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation on November 20 by President Obama.  The medal, which was bestowed upon Dr. Harari in a White House ceremony, is the United States’ highest honor for scientific and technological achievement, and  recognizes those whose lasting contributions have created a greater understanding of the world and improved the lives of many.

Harari co-founded SanDisk more that 25 years ago with the vision that flash memory would be used to store data in mobile products, a vision that initially took seed in photography in the 1990s, and has since become the fastest-growing technology in the history of the semiconductor industry.  Many of today’s most common personal electronics devices would not have been possible without the support of flash memory.

The National Science Foundation selected Harari for this honor because of his significant contributions towards the development and proliferation of flash memory, and “for invention and commercialization of flash storage technology to enable ubiquitous data in consumer electronics, mobile computing, and enterprise storage.”

The award ceremony was attended by leading dignitaries and other medal laureates.

The Memory Guy salutes Dr. Harari for this well-deserved honor.