Welcome to The Memory Guy – A Blog about Memory Chips

Three Memory ChipsWelcome to “The Memory Guy” the Objective Analysis blog about the world of semiconductor memory chips.

Our goal is to discuss all memory chips, both big and small, that are so prevalent in our electronic accessories.  We hope to do that while keeping things brief, light, understandable, and entertaining.  Technologies we’ll cover include DRAM, NAND flash, SRAM, NOR flash, EPROM, EEPROM, mask ROM, and all other forms of memory.

Discussions will revolve around memory types, new products, business issues, markets, memories of the future, technology trends, manufacturers and users, and pretty much anything else that touches on the world of memories.

That picture at the top shows three kinds of memory you may never think of, with a US dime (about 18mm across) for reference.  The big one in the middle is the bare die of an Intel/Micron 25nm 32Gb (32 gigabits or 4 gigabytes) NAND flash, typical of those used in music players, cameras, USB flash drives, and mobile phones.  On the left is the calibration card for a blood sugar monitor, which uses a small (128-bit) EEPROM (the black package).  On the right is the similarly small EEPROM used in an inkjet printer cartridge.  Both of these are mounted on green printed circuit cards to help make the connections large enough to be used in the system.

Most posts will be written by Jim Handy of Objective Analysis, a memory industry analyst who has been tracking the industry since 1991 after having worked in it for 16 years.  One industry veteran said: “Jim Handy eats, drinks, and sleeps memory chips.”

We hope you enjoy the blog and get something out of it.