SEMICON West: See Me There

Jim Handy, SEMICON KoreaThe Memory Guy will be speaking at SEMICON West.  Perhaps I will meet one or more readers there.

My presentation is Monday, July 8, at 3:55-4:25 in the 2019 SEMI Market Symposium.  I will be one of eight speakers who will provide our outlooks of the chip market.  All of my co-presenters are well known in their fields and will doubtlessly provide valuable insights on what tomorrow has to offer.

My presentation will be a rapid-fire onslaught of valuable information proving that certain outcomes are nearly inevitable and showing how they should evolve over time.

I will specifically discuss today’s down-cycle, the end of More’s Law, semiconductor process changes, including materials and production technologies, changes in end-use architectures (and the impact they will have), the imporatance of new end markets like 5G, and geographical and political issues, especially those dealing with today’s US/China trade war.

The semiconductor industry is in the early stages of a downturn that my company, Objective Analysis, has predicted for the past three years will be of greater depth and duration than even the 1996 market collapse.  Meanwhile phenomenal changes are entering the market, promising that the industry will be very different exiting this downturn than it was going in.

In this presentation I plan to explain the reasons behind today’s downturn and to show how and why it will be more severe than most.

I will also explores changes to semiconductor processes, chip architecture, end markets and geographic focus to predict that the business will be a very different entity in 5 years than it is today.

The Market Symposium runs from 1-5:00 on Monday July 8 in Moscone Center South, Level 3, Room 301.